Contact Information of the Faculty of Law

Street address:
Caloniankuja 3
20500 Turku

Postal address:
Faculty of Law
20014 University of Turku

Telephon: +358 29 450 5000
Fax +358 29 450 5040

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Career at the Faculty of Law


University Lecturers, University Teachers and Postdoctoral Researchers

Doctoral Candidates and Project Researchers

Docents at the Faculty of Law


Aalto Pekka (European Law)
Aine Antti (Commercial Law and the Law of Obligation)
Alvesalo-Kuusi Anne (Sociology of Law)
Björkroth Tom (Law and Economics)
Bräutigam Tobias (Information Law)
Bäckman Johan (Criminology)
Ellonen Noora (Criminology)
Elonheimo Henrik (Criminology and Restorative Justice)
Engström Viljam (International Law)
Ervo Laura (Procedural Law)
Friman Johanna (International Law)
Gottberg Eva (Civil Law)
Haapasalo Jaana (Judicial and Criminal Psychology)
Halme-Tuomisaari Miia (International Law)
Halonen Kirsi-Maria (Commercial Law, with a specialization in Public Procerement Law)
Harrikari Timo (Sociology of Law and Criminology)
Herala Nina (Comparative Law)
Hirvelä Päivi (Procedural Law and Human rights)
Hoffrén Mia (Property Law)
Huhtamäki Ari (Civil Law and Commercial Law)
Hyttinen Tatu (Criminal Law)
Hölttä Kalevi (Labour Law)
Immonen Raimo (Corporate Taxation)
Inha Jyri (Constitutional Law, especially Constitutional History)
Kainulainen Heini (Criminology)
Kiikeri Markku (European Law)
Koivurova Timo (International Law)
Kokko Kai (Environmental Law)
Konstari Timo (Administrative Law)
Korander Timo (Criminology, especially Police Research)
Koskinen Seppo (Labour Law)
Kukkonen Reima (Criminal Law)
Kurki Visa (Jurisprudence)
Kuusiniemi Kari (Environmental Law)
Lahti Raimo (Criminal Law)
Lamponen Helena (Labour Law)
Laukkanen Sakari (Procedural Law)
Launiala Mika (Procedural Law)
Lavapuro Juha (Constitutional Law)
Lehtinen Leena (International Trade Law)
Lehtinen Tuomas (Contract Law, International Trade Law)
Lehtonen Asko (Criminal Law)
Lehtonen Lasse (Administrative Law)
Lidman Satu (History of Criminal Law)
Linderborg Henrik (Criminology)
Lindroos Katja (Commercial Law and Comparative Commercial Law)
Linna Tuula (Procedural Law)
Lähteenmäki Liisa, (Sociology of Law)
Lähteenmäki-Uutela Anu (food law)
Marjosalo Heikki (Finance and European Law)
Mezei Peter (Intellectual property Law)
Mikkola Tuulikki (Comparative Law)
Mylly Tuomas (Comporative Law)
Niemi Matti Ilmari (Pure Theory of Law)
Ojanen Tuomas (European Law)
Ollila Riitta (Information and Communications Law)
Palaja Antero (Commercial Law)
Pirjatanniemi Elina (Criminal Law)
Pitkänen Olli (Information Technology Law)
Pönkä Ville (Civil and Commercial Law)
Raitio Juha (European Law)
Rajavuori Mikko (Commercial Law)
Rautiainen Pauli (Constitutional Law)
Rentto Juha-Pekka (Philosophy of Law)
Ruohonen Janne (Company Law)
Röben Volker (European Law and lnternational Law)
Saari Kari (Sociology of Law and Criminology)
Saarikkomäki Elsa (Criminology)
Salminen Jaakko (Private Law)
Savela Ari (Commercial Law)
Sorsa Kaisa (Regulatory Law)
Sorvari Katariina (Intelectual Property)
Suviranta Outi (Administrative Law)
Tammi-Salminen Eva (Civil Law)
Tapani Jussi (Criminal Law)
Tolvanen Matti (Criminal Law)
Tähti Aarre (Administrative Law)
Urpilainen Matti (Tax Law)
Vapaavuori Ahti (Financial Law)
Viljanen Mika (Law of Obligations)
Villa Seppo (Commercial Law)