About the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty is a modern and multdisciplinary organisation that observes the tradition of the Royal Academy of Turku, which was founded in 1640. The first medical dissertation at the Royal Academy of Turku was completed in 1643. The University of Turku began its operations in 1922, and the Faculty of Medicine was established in 1943 to meet the needs of a country at war. 

Organisation of the Faculty

Deans and the steering group

Dean Pekka Hänninen
Vice-Dean responsible for research and postgraduate education Markus Juonala
Vice-Dean responsible for undergraduate education Sanna Salanterä
Vice-Dean responsible for medical and dental education Eriika Savontaus

Faculty Council

Meeting schedule

Members (Deputy Members)

Chair: Dean Pekka Hänninen
Vice-Dean Markus Juonala
Vice-Dean Sanna Salanterä
Vice-Dean Eriika Savontaus


Satu Lahti (Hanna Thorén)
Sari Mäkelä (Ilkka Julkunen)
Juha Peltonen (Marko Salmi)
Sanna Salanterä (Jarmo Hietala)
Eija Vesti (Juha Grönroos)

Academic and other personnel

Jorma Määttä (Tuula Hämäläinen)
Vuokko Loimaranta (Jaana Franck)
Pekka Taimen (Petri Vainio)
Jarmo Gunn (Ritva Rautiainen)
Minna Stolt (Otto Ettala)


Ali Benkherouf (Viivi Laitinen)
Minttu Saari (Katariina Kökkö)
Juuso Arkkila (Onni-Pekka Simola)
Rebekka Laitinen (Juha Sunikka)
Simo Nuuttila (Rebecca Suomi)

Faculty Council´s term of office is 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2021. Student members' term of office is 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2021.


There are four departments and four independent units at the Faculty of Medicine.

All the units of the Faculty

Key Figures (2020)


  • 244 master's and licentiate's degrees
  • 58 bachelor’s degrees
  • 69 doctor's degrees
  • 132 specialist degrees in medicine
  • 8 specialist degrees in dentistry


  • 7.037 applications
  • 1.615 undergraduate students
  • 831 doctoral candidates

Staff (faculty)

  • 580 person-years
  • 117 professors and associate professors
  • 3 professors of practice


  • A total of 2.300 publications
  • Of which 1.400 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals
Strategic Operational Plan 2017–2020

The strategic operational plan of the Faculty is based on the central strategic policies of the University of Turku. The plan was prepared during the spring of 2017 in collaboration with the Faculty's Board, professors, middle groups and students. 

The strategic operational plan will be implemented according to the resources available and a separately made schedule. The Dean reports to the Faculty Council on the fulfilment of the operational plan. The operational plan is updated annually. 

Quality Management

In the Faculty of Medicine, quality work is supervised by the Dean and in the departments by the Head of the Department. The quality work steering group coordinates quality work in the Faculty.

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Applying for the Title of Docent

The University may award the title of docent (dosentti in Finnish) to a person who has comprehensive knowledge of their own field, a capacity for independent research or artistic work demonstrated through publication or some other manner, and good teaching skills.

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