Services of the Central Animal Laboratory

Central Animal Laboratory serves mainly research groups of the University, but provides also services to external clients like pharmaceutical companies and other research institutes. CAL also offers the possibility to conduct experiments that fulfill the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements. 

Applying for the project license for animal experiments, approved by the National Animal Experiment Board ELLA, may be included upon request. 

The personnel performs procedures upon the client’s request according to the original price list of CAL. If the staff caries out the whole experiment, the client is charged separately according to the agreement signed beforehand.

Enquiries and requests for quotation on CAL’s services

Embryotransfer and cryopreservation services are available in Turku Center for Disease Modeling (TCDM).

Pricelist 3.1.2024

Laboratory services

Central animal laboratory offers hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation factors and urine analyzes for rodents and other laboratory animals.


We use a Vetscan HM5c hematology analyzer to measure following parameters:

  • WBC: White Blood Cell
  • RBC: Red Blood Cell
  • HGB: Hemoglobiinipitoisuus.
  • HCT: Hematokriitti. Verisolujen suhteellinen osuus koko veren tilavuudesta.
  • MCV: Mean Cell Volume
  • MCH: Mean Cell Hemoglobin 
  • MCHC: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
  • RDWc: Red Cell Distribution Width %.
  • RDWs: Red Cell Distribution Width fL.
  • PLT: Platelets. 
  • MPV: Mean Platelet Volume
  • PCT: Plateletcrit 
  • PDWc: Platelet Distribution Width %.
  • PDWs: Platelet Distribution Width fL.

EDTA whole blood is required as a sample. Minimum volume 50 µl.


  • University research groups 14,00 € / sample
  • Other clients 18,00 € / näyte +  VAT
Clotting tests

We have an ACL 7000 coagulation analyzer.

The most commonly used assays are APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time) and PT (prothrombin time). Other parameters are also available.

Minimum sample 500 µl citrated plasma.


  • University research groups 10,00 € / sample
  • Other clients 15,00 € / sample + VAT 
Clinical chemistry

The Vetscan VS2 provides a fairly comprehensive range of parameters from a small number of samples:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Profile (14 P): ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, BUN, CA, CRE, GLOB, GLU, K+, NA+, PHOS, TBIL, TP
  • Prep Profile (6 P): ALP, ALT, BUN, CRE, GLU, TP
  • Critical Care Profile: ALT, BUN, CL-, CRE, GLU, K+, NA+, tCO2
  • T4/Cholesterol Profile: T4/CHOL
  • Mammalian Liver Profile: ALB, ALP, ALT, BA, BUN, CHOL, GGT, TBIL
  • ALB: Albumin
  • ALP: Alkaline Phosphatase
  • ALT: Alanine aminotransferase
  • AMY: Amylase
  • BUN: Blood Urea Nitrogen (urea)
  • CA: Total Calcium
  • CRE: Creatinine
  • GLOB: Globulins
  • GLU: Glucose
  • K+: Potassium
  • NA+: Sodium
  • PHOS: Phosphate
  • TBIL: Total Bilirubin
  • TP: Total Protein
  • CL-: Chloride
  • tCO2: Total Carbone Dioxide
  • T4: Thyroxine
  • CHOL: Total Cholesterol
  • BA: Bile acids
  • GGT: Gamma Glutamyl Transferase

Required sample volume is 100 µl lithium heparin whole blood, serum or plasma / sample rotor (profile).


  • University research groups 44,00 € / sample
  • Other clients 49,00 € / sample +  VAT
Urine analysis

Urisys 1100 Urine Strip Reader + Combur Test UX Test Strips


  • Spesific gravity                   
  • pH    
  • Leucocyte           
  • Nitrite      
  • Protein         
  • Glucose
  • Ketones
  • Urobilinogen       
  • Bilirubin                 
  • Erythrocytes

Required sample volume 500 µl of urine. Metabolic cages are available to collect urine samples.


  • University research groups 8,00 € / sample
  • Other clients 11,00 € / sample +  VAT