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CRISPR workshop 2024


18.3.2024 at 9.00 - 22.3.2024 at 16.00
Introduction to CRISPR/Cas9 system gRNA and homology-directed repair template design in vitro ribonucleoprotein delivery Experimental efficiency analysis

Ceremonial Conferment of Faculty of Medicine Celebrates 152 Doctors and 5 Honorary Doctors – Participate in Honorary Doctors’ Public Lectures and Follow the Academic Procession


The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku is organising a ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees on 26 May 2023. The Conferment Ceremony starts at noon at the Turku Concert Hall. The Academic Procession to the Cathedral can be followed starting from 3.30pm (if weather permits).

Education provided by the Central Animal Laboratory

According to Finnish legislation, only well trained and qualified persons can perform procedures on laboratory animals, take care of laboratory animals,  euthanise laboratory animals, design experiments on laboratory animals and apply for the license for them.

Information about animal experiments

Experiments performed on laboratory animals in biomedical research give us knowledge that can be applied to human and animal disease prevention, treatment or cure.

Services of the Central Animal Laboratory

Central Animal Laboratory serves mainly research groups of the University, but provides also services to external clients like pharmaceutical companies and other research institutes. CAL also offers the possibility to conduct experiments that fulfill the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements. 

Central Animal Laboratory

Central Animal Laboratory of the University of Turku provides services to biomedical research by supplying and producing laboratory animals.