Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry offers studies in the specialty of youth psychiatry for undergraduate students as well as postgraduate professional education for physicians specialising in the field. Undergraduate studies in adolescent psychiatry are provided as part of the course curriculum for psychiatry during the spring term of the fourth year of studies.

In Finland, adolescent psychiatry is an independent specialty and the duration of the specialisation programme is the same as for other specialties within psychiatry. This facilitates the education of specialists with expertise in mental health disorders among adolescents in particular. Our multifaceted study programme combines top-quality seminars with modern competency-based learning. Collaboration with networks in the field of social services and healthcare is emphasised in adolescent psychiatric treatment and care, and this is why we also arrange training for professionals working in the school and primary healthcare contexts.

During adolescence, the risk of developing mental health disorders is particularly high. Adolescent psychiatry aims to respond to this challenge by focusing on the prevention, early identification and optimised treatment of mental health disorders among youth. Adolescents are in most cases able to recover if they are provided with proper care. To this end, we are actively conducting research in order to better understand the evolution of mental health disorders and to develop increasingly beneficial therapies for adolescents.