Nursing science research program

All of the Departments research is conducted in the high-quality international research program:

Empowering Population, Patients, Professionals in Health and Care


Ethical Health Care and Nursing

In this programme, we analyse the value basis and ethics of nursing and health care, from the perspective of patients and population, different professionals, and health care organisations. Furthermore, learning and teaching of ethics, as well as ethical competence of professionals and ethical leadership are under investigation. For reaching the aim, we do research in caring ethics, clinical ethics, empirical ethics, and organizational ethics.

Research is conducted in collaboration with researchers in different disciplines, national and international experts in ethics, professionals and leaders in health care practice, as well as patients. In this programme, we have international collaboration, for example large COST/RANCARE-network for exploring issues in missed nursing care.

Health in Early Life and Parenthood (HELP)

Our research aims aim is to promote health and welfare in the early stages of life. We are interested in families expecting a child, prenatal period, birth, parent-infant closeness and breastfeeding as well as toddlers, school-aged children and parenthood. The concept of family-centered care is an underlying framework in our research. We use different methodological approaches and aim for multidisciplinary research.

Examples of our current research projects are the monitoring of expecting mothers' stress using the Internet Of Things, development of care of expecting overweight mothers, the effect of the quality of family-centered care on the mental wellbeing of parents and the impact of the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative.

Digital Nursing Turku

Digitalisation is one of the priorities of Finland, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Education and it is also the strategic focus of our university. Healthcare digitalisation will radically change the work of health care professionals. The Digital Nursing Turku research program examines healthcare digitalization from many perspectives. We approach the digitalization from the perspective of patients / clients, clinical questions and service system. The main themes of the program are text mining, gamification, Internet of Things in health care and knowledge based management.

Mental Health and Technology

In this research programme, we are interested in supporting the wellbeing of persons with mental illnesses and to improve the treatment outcomes in mental health services. Our research focuses on quality of care, development and implementation of modern interventions and technology, and outcome assessment. Our ambition lies in implementing and evaluating eHealth and health technology.

Our central approaches are evidence-based knowledge and user-centeredness. All of our projects are multidisciplinary with regional, national or international partners. We value inclusive approach in our research. Therefore, students at different study phases, service user groups, and healthcare staff are more than welcome to join our projects.

Older Individuals' Health, Nursing and Services

Research programme on Older Individuals’ Health, Nursing and Services developes new knowledge and understanding of individual’s health, nursing care and complex service systems for older individuals from the viewpoints of older individuals, professionals and organisations. This programme is based on the recognition of ageing population and shares interest in older individuals, their health, health determinants and promotion of health, independence and self-management in different environments. Furthermore, the interest is in the nursing care of older individuals with chronic and acute illnesses in different contexts.

Clinical Quality

Research programme focuses on improving the quality of clinical nursing and health care. For the improvement, the programme aims to create and test a theoretical basis for the evaluation of the quality of nursing care, to develop instruments for evaluation and to evaluate the professional and clinical quality in different clinical fields. Strong fields are also the evaluation of the foot health care and the prevention and care of pressure ulcers. In future, nursing care of cancer patients will strenghten.

There are partners from Hospital Districts of Helsinki-Uusimaa, South-west Finland and Satakunta, as well as from primary and occupational health care. Developed instruments are internationally validated, and used in many countries.

Empowering Patient Education (EPE)

This research programme focuses on improving the outcomes in patient education in society and in different fields of health care and nursing. Educational activities and support are essential for patients and population: these activities support patients to be empowered in their own health, care and services in all ages from maternity and child care to the care of older people, in different clinical fields, healthcare sectors and community.

We develop the theoretical basis of empowering patient education, health promotion and service counselling to develop new innovative educative methods and evaluate the outcomes of different educational activities, like empowering discourse.

Research is conducted in collaboration with national and international partners in health care and nursing practice and educational organisations.

Pedagogic Health Care and Nursing Education

Research programme focuses on improving the quality of health care education and health care educator education and training. For the improvement, the programme aims to analyze, evaluate and develop the quality of learning outcomes in health care and health care education, in the clinical learning environment and the competence of health care educators. We also develop and test the instruments for the evaluation of the quality of learning outcomes and clinical practice.

Research is conducted in collaboration with national and international partners. RENE research group (Research in Nursing Education) is established in the year 2012 to promote and strengthen the research in the field of health care education, and to maintain discussion about the quality of health care education.