Department of Nursing Science

Education in Nursing Science began at the University of Turku in 1986. The Department of Nursing Science has since made significant investments in developing the discipline. Today, the Department is a versatile unit offering high-quality education and research. The Department educates students in the health sciences at the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels. The core task of the Department is to maintain academic learning, develop nursing science research and promote the implementation of research-based nursing care.

The Department of Nursing Science is dedicated to high-quality national and international research, which forms the foundation for nursing science education and provides expertise for active social interaction.

On Masters’ level, students can choose between specialization in pedagogical expertise (nurse teacher) or clinical nursing expertise and management. In the Clinical Nursing Expertise and Management programme, the areas of expertise include gerontological nursing, clinical nursing and psychiatric and mental health nursing. Once they have completed their Master's degree, students can continue on to a Doctor of Health Science degree. After that, they can pursue a career in research, first as post doctoral researchers, then as independent researchers.

The Department has done very well in the international QS and Shanghai Rankings, where it was ranked as best of the Finnish nursing science units. The Department is an active social actor in the health and social sector.

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