Strategy of the Department of Nursing Science for 2021-2030


The mission of the University of Turku, Department of Nursing Science is to uphold scientific education and to bring about developments in nursing science and the discipline as a whole, while also promoting the fulfilment of evidence-based nursing in the society.


Courage, ethical principles, critical thinking, creativity, openness and strong community.

Vision for 2030

Health Through Nursing Science: A Dynamic International Frontrunner

Pervasive themes

Equality and justice, sustainable development, being a frontrunner in the discipline as well as remaining a committed, reliable partner.

Operating environment

The Department of Nursing Science is an independent unit of the University of Turku, Faculty of Medicine, which operates in the scientific community and has facilities that support high-level research and learning.

Unique learning experiences and outstanding learning outcomes

The Department of Nursing Science provides high-level and unique education in nursing science. Graduates of the Department are top-level experts who become leaders in the health care and social services, as well as educators, clinical experts and scientists.

Objectives for the strategy period

  • We offer an outstanding learning experience and high-level learning outcomes
  • Our learning environment is dynamic and internationally respected
  • Our flexible study paths allow for continuous learning

Action plans

  • High quality and research-based contents of teaching
  • Equal learning opportunities
  • Dynamic learning environments
  • An internationally attractive learning environment
  • Student-centred and agile study paths
  • Attractive continuous learning opportunities
Engaging and exceptional research environment

The Department of Nursing Science generates high quality and impactful research in nursing science for the promotion of equal health and nursing, and for the development of the discipline.

Objectives for the strategy period

  • Our research career paths are flexible, distinct and appealing
  • We carry out influential, multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Increasing nursing research visibility and regard in the society

Action plans

  • Up-to-date career paths
  • Expanding research competence
  • Excellence in research
  • Influential research networks
  • Clear research spearheads
  • Attractive and active research community
Proactive and dynamic partner

The Department of Nursing Science is known as a reliable and respected source of expert knowledge and proactive social influencer.

Objectives for the strategy period

  • We are a valued academic partner.
  • We are a recognised academic influencer in the field of nursing and health.

Action plans

  • Valued academic partner
  • Strong networking
  • Professional and timely communications
Active expert community

The Department of Nursing Science provides an equal, just and encouraging community in which to study and work. We assume shared responsibility for the community’s well-being, inclusion and competence development.

Objectives for the strategy period

  • We are a progressive expert community.
  • We are a happy and flourishing community.
  • We are an equal and just community.

Action plans

  • Continuous development of competence
  • Flexible work routines and welfare-enhancing operations
  • Encouraging and inclusive operations
Responsible leadership and finance

The Department of Nursing Science is managed in a human-oriented, cost-efficient, and sustainable way.

Objectives for the strategy period

  • Our leadership is human-oriented and productive.
  • The Department’s finances will be secure.

Action plans

  • Open leadership and support for agency
  • Sustainable and systematic finances