Research at the Department of Nursing Science

Nursing Science is a health science discipline that studies health and nursing care from different perspectives. The key focus of nursing science research is on the health of people of all ages and its promotion in various life situations and on caring for people with illness in different care environments. Nursing and care is examined from various perspectives, including those of self-care and health care professionals.

The research is independent, multidisciplinary, international and future-oriented. The research conducted at the Department of Nursing Science provides information about health, caring and the related service and education systems.

Research is founded on the idea of promoting the resources of individuals, groups and the population. The areas of strength include ethicality, patient-centredness and technology orientation.

Research forms the foundation for basic and further education as well as for social interaction. The fact that professors of Nursing Science hold secondary offices in the service system enables close research collaboration between practical nursing care and the University.

The Department promotes researchers' academic careers. All research is conducted within the Department's high-quality international research programme.

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