Health communication researchers' networking event was a success!


A multidisciplinary team of health communication and health literacy researchers gathered at Aistikattila on Friday, 10 November 2023 for a networking meeting - in a beach atmosphere. 

First, science journalist Ulla Järvi gave an interesting presentation on health communication from the perspective of media and public trust. Then the event continued in groups where current research topics were discussed, such as expert and experiential knowledge, multiculturalism and multilingualism, and artificial intelligence and its user experience.

The conclusion was that health communication should be studied not only in a multidisciplinary way, but also in a multi-method, multi-sited and multi-sensory way.

The working group developed already the next steps, such as  jointly produced trainings, workshops on applying for research funding and how to highlight the societal importance of health communication. Supporting health communication research is part of the impact plan of Health, Diagnostics and Drug Development thematic profile of University of Turku.

More information from the event and from health communication research from Professor Katja Joronen ( and from postdoctoral researcher Jenny Paananen ( 

Created 16.11.2023 | Updated 17.11.2023