Follow-up Committee Meeting and Annual Progress Report at the Faculty of Medicine

The follow-up committee for doctoral training

The aim of the follow-up committee is to ensure the progress of the researcher’s thesis work and studies, to provide an outside perspective to their research, and to support both the doctoral researcher and the supervisor(s) in possible conflict situations. Follow-up committee meetings improve the quality of doctoral training and provide doctoral researchers with experience in creating and maintaining networks and organising meetings.

The follow-up committee convenes once a year to evaluate the progress of the researcher’s doctoral thesis work and postgraduate studies. The doctoral researcher convenes the meeting and provides the follow-up committee with a report on the progress of their research and postgraduate studies.

The follow-up committee meetings are approved as a part of the doctoral studies (1 credit / report, max. 4 credits).

See the instructions on the follow-up committee in the study guide for doctoral training, chapter 4.4 Follow-up committee for doctoral training and annual reporting.

Annual progress reporting

In January, a doctoral researcher hands in a progress report as instructed by the Graduate School and the doctoral programme. The progress report contains a memo(random) of the follow-up committee meeting. The doctoral programme monitors the realisation of the supervision plan and the follow-up committee’s activity.

The activeness of a doctoral researcher and passive register instructions for postgraduate students

Maintaining an active study right is based on the doctoral researchers' annual progress reporting organized by the doctoral programmes.

In order to maintain an active study right, a doctoral researcher is required

  • To enrol every year, either as an attending or a non-attending student and
  • To hand in an annual progress report to their doctoral programme in January and
  • The supervisor needs to express their support for maintaining the active study right.

> The Activeness of a Doctoral Researcher and Passive Register Instructions for Postgraduate Students