Thesis Process in the Faculty of Medicine

The thesis (dissertation) process administration is handled in UGIS-portal which also contains instructions. The two electronic forms used in the process can be found on the UGIS-portal. On this page you can find the templates for the attachments related to the forms. Also other general instructions for the thesis process and the guidelines and forms for the experts are found here.

General instructions for thesis (dissertation) process

Instructions related to the thesis
Dissertation / thesis book template

The Annales Word template is used when publishing the doctoral dissertation in the Annales Universitatis Turkuensis series. The template is for assisting the doctoral researcher to produce the text of the dissertation in a right layout form. The template has by default e.g. correct fonts, margins and order of the contents.

> Download the Word template of the Annales Universitatis Turkuensis publication series from the website

Templates for the attachments to the two forms used in the thesis process (forms are on the UGIS-portal)

Templates for attachments to the form 2) Proposal of people involved in the dissertation process

> Consent of all registered supervisors to begin the thesis preliminary examination process

> Certificate of the Turnitin-check
The doctoral researcher attaches the signed Turnitin-check certificate as a scanned PDF on the ’Proposal of people involved in the dissertation process’ form.