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Research at the Institute of Biomedicine

Research at the Institute of Biomedicine is divided into three functional units: 1) Infection and Immunity, 2) Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology and 3) Cancer research. Research at our Institute includes both biomedical basic research and translational research, and the unit division expresses our research priorities.

We encourage creative interdisciplinary combination of research topics via collaboration of the individual research groups and the three units. In addition, we collaborate locally with clinical researchers, with other institutes of our university and with the Åbo Akademi University. We are also widely networked with numerous national and international universities and public and private research institutes.

Recent publications

Immunogenicity and safety of BPZE1, an intranasal live attenuated pertussis vaccine, versus tetanus-diphtheria- acellular pertussis vaccine: a randomised, double-blind, phase 2b trial (2023)

Keech Cheryl, Miller Vicki E, Rizzardi Barbara, Hoyle Christopher, Pryor Melinda J, Ferrand Jonathan, Solovay Ken, Thalen Marcel, Noviello Stephanie, Goldstein Peter, Gorringe Andrew, Cavell Breeze, He Qiushui, Barkoff Alex-Mikael, Rubin Keith, Locht Camille
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Recent doctoral dissertations