Research at the Institute of Biomedicine

Research at the Institute of Biomedicine is divided into two functional units: “Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology” and “Cancer, Infections and Immunity”. We encourage creative interdisciplinary combination of research topics via collaboration of the individual research groups – including collaboration between the functional units.

Research at our Institute is biomedical basic research and often translational modeling human diseases and disease mechanisms. Locally we collaborate with clinical researchers,  with other institutes of our university and with the Åbo Akademi University. We are widely networked with numerous national and international Universities and public and private research institutes.

Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology unit is led by Professor Eriika Savontaus. The vice head is Docent Jorma Määttä.
Cancer, Infections and Immunity unit is led by Professor Johanna Schleutker and the vice head is Professor Jaana Vuopio.