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Changes Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease Detectable in Blood Samples


Researchers have discovered new changes in blood samples which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. A new international study examined Finnish twins. The study was conducted on disease-discordant twin pairs: one sibling who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and one who was cognitively healthy. The researchers utilised the latest genome-wide methods to find out whether the twins’ blood samples had any disease-related differences in chemical marks, so-called epigenetic marks, which are sensitive to changes in environmental and lifestyle factors.

New Study Helps to Understand Human Defence Mechanisms and Spread of Cancer


With the help of new technology, the researchers of the University of Turku have gained more detailed information on the diversity of the human lymphatic system than before. The research results can help to understand the human defence mechanisms on the molecular level even better than before. Several cancers, such as breast cancer and head and neck cancers, spread primarily via the lymphatic system.

Terveydeksi!-seminaari/New Discoveries!-seminar


24.4.2019 at 8.00 - 26.4.2019 at 15.00
Terveydeksi - New Discoveries 2019! -biolääketieteen opinnäytetyöseminaari järjestetään tänä vuonna 24.-26.4. 2019, Medisiina D:n Alhopuro-salissa. Seminaarissa esitetään suullisesti biolääketieteen / terveyden biotieteiden Pro gradu -tutkielmia ja LuK -tutkielmia. Seminaari on kaikille avoin. Lue...