Empirical Research

The research infrastructure including the botanical garden and two field stations provides an excellent support for multidisciplinary empirical research. 

Ruissalo Botanical Garden has laboratories, aviaries, modern greenhouses and common garden available for experiments that require controlled terrestrial environments.

Archipelago Research Institute at Seili Island has several indoor thermo-constant rooms, wet labs with running seawater, light and temperature regulated flow-through aquaria for experimental ecological set-ups requiring tightly regulated aquatic environments, and corresponding outdoor experimental aquaria facilities, all with flow-through seawater.

Kevo Subarctic Research Station provides laboratories, a workshop, long-term field experiments from manipulative experiments with aerial pollutants and enclosures preventing reindeer grazing to arboreta founded in 1970’s with different origins of arctic treeline species located in different environments. Our dedicated and helpful staff is happy to discuss how we can support your research.