Studying at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Bachelor's Degree Program in Mathematics and Statistics offers an opportunity for students who are interested in mathematics to start their studies broadly and select their field of interest according to their own interest. The Degree Programme student can focus on teaching of mathematics, statistics, discrete mathematics, applied mathematics, and classical abstract mathematics in his/her studies.

About studying mathematics

Studying mathematics in the university may surprise a student after high school mathematics. Of course, classical mathematics taught in the high school is also essential at the university, but the viewpoint is different. One does not focus solely on the application of mathematical formulas at the university, but also learns why those formulas work and how one can prove the functionality of the formulas. On the other hand, studying university mathematics opens the eyes to the richness of the range of mathematical applications. When the investigated problem is complicated it is not possible to find a ready made formula for solving it, instead the mathematician needs to base his/her knowledge on new solving methods and thus mathematics becomes a field of creativity.

About studying statistics

Statistics has traditionally been, above all, a tool for medical research and social decision-making. However, the development of computational methods and computers has made it possible to analyse more and more complex data, which has further expanded the scope of the statistical field so that almost all current research and development sectors require statistical know-how. Although the work of statisticians is primarily done with the aid of computers and various statistical programs, mathematical competence plays a key role in understanding the statistical methods and in interpreting the results.