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The fourth Salomaa Prize awarded to Juhani Karhumäki


An International Conference Series “Developments in Language Theory” (DLT) awards the Salomaa Prize annually to a researcher who has advanced automata theory. This year the DLT conference was organized in May at the University of South Florida, where the Salomaa Prize was awarded to professor emeritus Juhani Karhumäki from the University of Turku.  

Research of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The main research areas of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics include discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, number theory, analysis, optimization, mathematical modelling, insurance mathematics and in statistics latent variable models, methods for cohort and efficacy studies, and themes concerning macro and financial econometrics.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The study programs in mathematics and statistics give the students a good basic coverage as well as an opportunity to study more in depth various branches of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and mathematics teaching.

Studying at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Bachelor's Degree Program in Mathematics and Statistics offers an opportunity for students who are interested in mathematics to start their studies broadly and select their field of interest according to their own interest. The Degree Programme student can focus on teaching of mathematics, statistics, discrete mathematics, applied mathematics, and classical abstract mathematics in his/her studies.

New Salomaa Prize for Automata Theory and Formal Languages – Call for Nominations


The international Developments in Language Theory (DLT) Conference focusing on formal languages, automata theory, and related topics has decided to create the Salomaa Prize, which is awarded for the first time this year. The Prize is given to a researcher who has advanced automata theory, and it is named after Academician Arto Salomaa, a long-time Professor of Mathematics at the University of Turku as well as the founder of the DLT Conference.