Deans at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Dean of the Faculty is professor Elina Mainela-Arnold. The Vice deans are professor Juha Räikkä with responsibility for research, professor Johanna Kallio with responsibilities for education and learning and associate professor Elina Kilpi-Jakonen with responsibilities for alumni and internationality. In the absence of Dean Mainela-Arnold Vice dean Räikkä acts as his deputy.

The remit of the Dean is

  • to manage and monitor the faculty’s operations;
  • to be responsible for developing the faculty and for implementing the University’s strategy in the faculty;
  • to be responsible for the economic, efficient and effective discharge of the faculty’s mission;
  • to chair the Faculty Council;
  • to decide on resource allocation inside the faculty according to the guidelines established by the Faculty Council;
  • to admit new students; and
  • to handle and resolve other issues concerning the faculty that are not stipulated elsewhere.

The Dean may devolve a matter within his or her remit that is far-reaching or important to be handled and resolved by the Faculty Council.

The Dean may devolve a matter within his or her remit to be handled and re- solved by a vice-dean or other person appointed by the Dean.

When the Dean is prevented from undertaking his or her duties, or becomes unable to do so because of the likelihood of conflict of interest, the Vice-Dean takes care of his or her duties. If there is more than one vice-dean at the faculty, the responsibilities will be divided according to the Dean’s orders.