Studying at the Department of Computing

ICT education at the multidisciplinary and international University of Turku is the key to the future work. The need for experts on the ICT field is growing fast, locally and globally, so after the graduation, you don't have to look for a job for long or from far.

Developing an Artificial Intelligence requires human intelligence and the Internet of Things is developed for humans, not for things. Who takes care of these tasks? Who takes care of the functioning and safe Cyber-Society? Indeed, more IT experts are needed than ever before.

The Department of Computing provides education in Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology and Phonetics. Computer Science students graduate as Master of Science and Information and Communication Technology students as Master of Science in Technology. Themes of the studies are very versatile:

Computer Science
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Bio and Health Informatics
  • Interaction Design, Mixed Reality and Gamification
  • Learning Analytics and Education Technology
Information and Communication Technology
  • Software Engineering and Software Production
  • Software Technology and Software Security
  • Cyber-Society, -Safety and -Privacy
  • Health Technology
  • Internet of Objects
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Language Acquisition and Learning
  • Speech Perception and Production

Prepare your application!

Turku-Shanghai Double Master's Degree Programmes. Students may apply for these programmes in January 2021.

More than studying

Studying in the Department of Future Technologies consists of lectures, teamwork, writings, demos, tutorials and other exercises, learning diaries, independent work, seminars, project work, group discussions and of course examinations.

Our students' subject associations, Asteriski, Digit and Foneemi serve as a counterbalance, and on the other hand, also as a support of the studies. Asteriski , established 1972, is the subject association of the students of Computer Science. Digit, established 1999 is our Information and Communivation Technology students' subject association. Foneemi is the subject association of the students of the Phonetics, which moved to our Department in the spring of 2018.

>> Video (in Finnish): Ainejärjestöjen puheenjohtajat kertovat opiskelusta ja ainejärjestöjen toiminnasta

>> Video (in Finnish): Opiskelijatuutorit esittelevät ainejärjestötiloja