Studying Business Law

Business Law studies provide the overall picture of our legal system’s operations. The perspective in studies focuses particularly on the legal problems within the business. Combined with suitable studies in business economics, Business Law studies provide the student with a competitive degree for practical business life, which is demanding ever more expertise.

Business Law offers the readiness for the handling of its numerous tasks for which, in addition to an education in business economics, special knowledge of legal provisions with regard to corporate operations is necessary. These sorts of legal provisions are, for example:

  • securities market law
  • company law
  • corporate taxation
  • market law
  • contract law
  • labour law
  • intellectual property rights

After graduating, students majoring in Business Law are generally placed in specialist and management positions in business and at various official auditing firms. They find places particularly in jobs in which those with know-how and expertise in corporate, market, financing, contractual and tax law questions are required. A good command and mastery of other legal questions are also valued on the labour market.