Collaboration at Operations and Supply Chain Management

The Operations and Supply Chain Management unit is actively participating in various projects, both nationally and internationally. In the past few years O & SCM has been a lead partner in several EU-funded projects and conducted several studies commissioned by various ministries and agencies. The unit also collaborates with the World Bank.


HAZARD (Mitigating the Effects of Emergencies in the Baltic Sea Region Ports)

HAZARD improved safety & security in Baltic Sea Region Ports (2016–2019)

By bringing together Rescue Services, other authorities, logistics operators and established knowledge partners, HAZARD project mitigated the effects of emergencies in major seaports in the Baltic Sea Region.

The project enabled better preparedness, coordination and communication, more efficient actions to reduce damages and loss of life in emergencies, and handling of post-emergency situation.

The HAZARD project consortium included 14 Project Partners and 13 Associated Organizations. The University of Turku was the Lead Partner.

Read more on the project website.

OIL SPILL (Enhancing oil spill response capabilities in the BSR)

OIL SPILL enhances oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region (2019–2021)

Unlike in the open sea and international waters, combatting oil spills in shallow waters and coastal areas is often complicated. The division of tasks and responsibilities between Competent Authorities and other stakeholders, such as NGOs, is often unclear.

The focus of the OIL SPILL project is to strengthen the oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) by enhancing cooperation structures, procedures and skills between and within the relevant stakeholders.

The project has 13 Project Partners from six BSR countries. The University of Turku is the Lead Partner. In addition, seven Associated Organizations support the project implementation and may take part in the project activities.

Read more on the project website.