Negotiations with Taylor & Francis

National negotations with Taylor & Francis ended in 2018 without any new agreements. On this web page we will inform you about the ongoing negotiations between FinELib and the publisher and about the measures that will be taken both by other members of the FinELib by the University of Turku.

Taylor & Francis journals

Why is the library not ordering journals from Taylor & Francis?

The Turku University Library has been ordering the Taylor & Francis journals via the national FinELib consortium which negotiates with the publisher. The publisher's offer would have raised the costs considerably. FinELib is ready to continue the negotiations provided that the publisher sets more reasonable demands.

UNIFI - Universities Finland UNIFI - supports FinELib's negotiation goals.

Where can I find the article/journal I need?

Always check the availibility of an article or a journal in the Volter library database as the availibility of the article or the journal may either continue due to the earlier or separate standing orders or be available via another publisher or provider.

  • First, check the availibility of a journal with its title in the Volter library database ( If the journal is available, you will see its name in the search results with one or multiple links to the journal providers. Next to the links you will find information about the volumes that can still be accessed.
  • The journal may also be found in the National Repository Library. Check the National Repository Library results tab in Volter. If the journal is in the results, click its name and check whether the National Repository Library has the relevant volume / issue in its holdings. If it does, you can request a scanned pdf copy of the article to your utu-email free of charge. See more information about this at the library web page Article request from National Repository Library.
  • You can also check the International Articles results tabs in the Volter library database for a parallel copy of the article. The library has enabled services which also search for a parallel published versions of the article in case the article can not be found in the resources provided by the library.
  • If you cannot access the article by using Volter, you try to find an open access version of the article in the net with a search engine like Google or similar. You can also study the Turku University Library guide How to Find Open Access Resources.
  • It is also possible to request an article via Interlibrary services which is subject to a charge. Please find the pricelist of services at the library web page.

Where do I get more information?

You can ask for more information at Also, the FinELib consortium has compiled a web page Questions and answers about FinELib's negotiations.

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