Studying Speech-Language Pathology

Multiprofessional Teaching Clinic


During the degree program of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), students learn about normal speech, language and interaction skills, disorders, and speech-language pathology diagnosis and rehabilitation. The course program is cross-disciplinary; it also includes courses in phonetics, psychology and medical studies.

Our SLP unit is involved in multidisciplinary and collaborative research at national and internationally valued levels. The unit has strongly committed itself to neurocognitive and experimental research. This research profile is reflected in the courses being taught at the SLP unit.

After graduation

Students graduated from SLP get the Master of Philosophy degree and can apply for the qualification of a certified speech therapist. The course program has provided the skills and the expertise needed to deal with the multitude of tasks that are part and parcel of the profession of speech therapist. After graduate studies, students may undertake postgraduate studies to earn a Ph.D. degree.

PuTeX ry – the SLP student association

The SLP student association was founded at the University of Turku in autumn 2005 and started its activities in spring 2006. Putex brings students together, represents the students in official committees and establishes/maintains contact with relevant partners. In addition, the association organizes social, sportive and professional activities. These include, for example, get-togethers, parties, sport days and sightseeing tours. Events are organized all year round.

You can learn more about PuTeX on the association’s website