Burning Questions: ABOAGORA pre-symposium for doctoral candidates 16.–17.8.2021


The ABOAGORA pre-symposium invites Doctoral Candidates in the arts, humanities, and sciences and MA Art Students to gather around burning questions of the world on fire today. The pre-symposium takes place on 16–17 August at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström on Korpo island in the Turku archipelago. 

The interdiscilplinary pre-symposium research retreat is directed by curator and researcher Taru Elfving (Contemporary Art Archipelago CAA). The event is organised at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström.

The programme includes presentations and workshops that offer scientific and artistic insights into the Archipelago Sea Biosphere area. The selected participants are also invited to contribute their own burning questions to the programme in an online introductory meeting in June.

Participants will discuss their work in a joint panel session on August 19 at the ABOAGORA Symposium at the Sibelius Museum in Turku. The Symposium brings together viewpoints from social sciences, cultural studies, natural sciences, and the arts to explore fire as both a literal and a metaphorical element. The Symposium programme will be announced in May.

ABOAGORA is a symposium that brings together academia, the arts, and society. This annual event consists of interdisciplinary discussions, workshops, and diverse artistic interventions. Since its inaugural year 2011, the Symposium has offered a forum for researchers, artists, and the public to establish new dialogues and discover new forms of collaboration.

ABOAGORA is a joint effort by the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, the Åbo Akademi University Foundation, and the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences. In 2021, the five-year thematic plan The Five Rings (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void, 2019–2023) continues with support from the Kone Foundation and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

> Application announcement and information on how to apply on the ABOAGORA website


Created 23.04.2021 | Updated 23.04.2021