Kick off seminar: Language ideologies of generation Z on 12 February


We would like to invite you to the Kick off seminar of project Kiera (Z-sukupolven kieli-ideologiat: kielenrakennus tekstuaalisena performanssina), funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation in 2023–2026.

In the project, we study the discourses, language ideologies and language making processes as they appear in matriculation examination data (2022) of more than 27 000 student essays from all over Finland.

The project approaches the student essays as textual performances, which reflect societal values, globalized language ideologies and established language hierarchies, through the theoretical framework of Language Making. (A more thorough project description will appear soon here:

The seminar will take place on Monday, 12 February at 15.00 at the University of Turku (Calonia 1006, Caloniankuja 3) and in Zoom.

The programme:

15.00 Introducing the Kiera project: Language making in the corpus of matriculation examination texts (PI, Dr. Hanna Lantto)
15.10 Data in numbers & methodological approaches (MA Anna Ristilä)
15.30 Who's talking in the examination texts? (Dr. Maarit Berg and Prof. Sara Routarinne)
16.00 Prof. Philip Krämer (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): What is Language Making?
16.15 PI, FT Hanna Lantto: Kielenrakennus ja kielten profiilit aineistossa: esimerkkejä

The event is bilingual in English and Finnish. Most of the talks in the launching seminar will be in English, but questions and comments can be presented also in Finnish.​

Created 09.02.2024 | Updated 09.02.2024