200 Doctorates and 15 Honorary Doctorates were Conferred at the Ceremonial Conferment


The Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees of the University of Turku was arranged on Friday, 27 May 2022. The festivities, which lasted for two days, begun already on Thursday 26th May with the traditional Sword Sharpening Ceremony.

A total of 200 doctors from the University of Turku, attended the Conferment Ceremony. This was one of the largest Conferment Ceremony of the University of Turku to date. In addition, 15 honorary doctorates will be conferred. The honorary doctors, chosen by the faculties, will receive their title as a recognition for their scientific merits, collaboration with the University of Turku, or for their impact on society.

The ceremonial conferment is the biggest and most important academic celebration. The Ceremonial Conferment is a continuation of an old European academic tradition, which dates back almost 800 years. In Finland the first conferment was celebrated at the Royal Academy of Turku in 1643. 

Today, the Ceremonial Conferment is a unique opportunity for the doctors to celebrate their academic achievement and to take part in this continuity of academic tradition.

In the Conferment Ceremony, rector Jukka Kola thanked all the doctors from each of the university's eight faculties.

– You have worked passionately on your research with the ultimate goal of creating a better future – for us all. Research goes hand-in-hand with education that we offer for thousands of students. Research results and expertise also benefit society through countless other channels – especially in the daily work of you, who have attained the highest academic education. The University of Turku is proud of your valuable work.

15 honorary doctors, chosen by the faculties, were conferred as a recognition for their scientific merits, collaboration with the University of Turku, or for their impact on society.

–  You, honorary doctors, represent different disciplines and fields, and have contributed in many ways to the activities and promoted the success of the University of Turku and its faculties. You are trailblazers, developers, advocates, instigators of dialogue and collaboration, pioneers. Excellent role models for the recently graduated doctors. The University’s true impact does not come from working by ourselves in our own circle – networks and partners have a central role in the success on both of our basic missions, research and education, and their practical implementation, Kola said.

Rector Kola reminded the doctors, honorary doctors and the audience, that the Conferment Ceremony is about celebrating science, scholarship, research, and the highest education. 

– Their importance is emphasised during exceptional times when the world is seeking solutions. Through science, research and education, we make new discoveries and create opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. Thus, we carry our responsibility by building a better tomorrow and a sustainable future.  

See the video from the Ceremonial Conferment festivities:

Created 30.05.2022 | Updated 01.06.2022