BioCity Student Symposium – Students are the Solution, 24 August 2022


This year BioCity Student Symposium titled Students are the Solution is arranged on-site by PhD researchers from The University of Turku and Abo Akademi University together with BioCity Turku and InFLAMES Flagship in Cave theatre - Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki, 24th August 2022.

The program includes inspirational and motivational talks from national and international scientists. The morning session will be started with mastering our emotion and emotion management talk by Lauri Nummenmaa, Professor of Neuroscience and expert in human emotion system from Turku PET Centre. Our next speaker, Samuli Rautava, adj. Professor in Pediatrics, University of Turku and Turku University Hospital, will keep us inspired by a motivational talk providing us with a bigger perspective on transforming hurdles to an action and overcome the challenges. The session will be more exciting with a fun three minutes presentation competition where the winners will be decided by audience polling. 

The afternoon session will walk us through another topic in drug discovery and pharma industry. Mary Keir, principle scientist from Genentech Inc., US, will start the session with a rewarding talk about her expertise in biomarker discoveries and bring it to pharma industry experiences. Last but not least, Professor of Practice from InFLAMES Research Flagship, Timo Veromaa will give us another enriching career talk with his impressive background in bridging the science and drug discovery to industry.  

Send your abstract for the Three-Minute-Presentation competition at latest 20th June 2022

Students are encouraged to participate the Three-Minute-Presentation competition and submit an abstract when registering to the event at latest 20th June 2022. Based on the submitted abstracts twenty students are invited to give their Three-Minute-Presentation at the symposium. Best presentations will be rewarded.

Registration to the BioCity Student Symposium closes 10th August 2022, the event​ is directed to all PhD-students and and it's free of charge.

Created 13.05.2022 | Updated 16.05.2022