CELE Panel on 9 February Asks How Higher Education Should Change to Meet the Challenges of the Future


How should we rethink higher education to make it more responsive to the challenges of a changing world? This question will be answered in a panel discussion in Educarium on Thursday 9 February from 12.30 pm.

potraits of the panelists

Discussants at the panel Whose future? Rethinking the future of higher education will be Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education  at the University of Oxford, Fazal Rizvi, Professor Emeritus of Global Studies in Education at the University of Melbourne and Visiting Professor of the Faculty of Education in University of Turku, Bjørn Stensaker, Professor of Higher Education and Vice Rector for Education at the University of Oslo, and Jussi Välimaa, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education at the University of Jyväskylä.

The discussion will be led by CELE researchers, Emeritus Professor Risto Rinne and Johanna Kallo, an Academic Researcher at the Department of Education.

 The panel discussion, which will take place on Thursday at 12.30-14.00 in the Edu2 lecture room of the Educarium building (Assistentinkatu 5), is open to all.

The panel discussion is part of an event organised at the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Education CELE, which will include a panel discussion and workshops as part of academy researcher Johanna Kallo's "Whose future? The politics of foresight in Nordic higher education".

The debate will be inspired by a world undergoing major changes.Climate change, decreasing planetary wellbeing and the war in Ukraine have challenged the Western way of life and Western cultural, political and economic domination. Simultaneously, high expectations have been set for the potential of higher education and science to provide continuity in their core functions while addressing these emerging problems. They nurture humanism, interdisciplinary research and technological development, all of which are expected to provide adequate means to address the current challenges.

CELE invites a panel of some of the world's leading scholars on higher education and globalisation to reflect, how are higher education systems encountering and thinking about these expectations? What are some of the key problems facing higher education from a global point of view, and how should these problems be addressed? How should the aims and governance of higher education be rethought?

Created 02.02.2023 | Updated 02.02.2023