Contact Teaching on Turku Campus Suspended and Facilities Closed to Students for the Present


The coronavirus management team of the University of Turku has decided that contact teaching on the Turku campus is suspended until 5 April, except for some of the necessary contact teaching at the Faculty of Medicine. The decision comes into force on 19 March at 3pm. During this time, the students do not have access to the campus buildings in Turku and also the Exam rooms are closed. The decision does not apply to the University’s campuses at Pori and Rauma.

At the University of Turku, teaching has been conducted mostly with remote connections during the coronavirus pandemic. Only courses that are not possible to teach at distance have been organised as contact teaching and strict restriction on the number of participants has been in force.

By suspending contact teaching and restricting the use of the facilities, the University aims to help in stopping the coronavirus infection chains that have occurred among students in Turku.

– We are taking the matter very seriously and we want to ensure that as few people as possible visit the campus in the next few weeks. Now, we need everyone’s collaboration and that the joint instructions are observed by all. Enhanced support and guidance are offered to students in this exceptional situation, says Rector Jukka Kola of the University of Turku.

Before Easter, the coronavirus management team of the University of Turku decides on and informs about the possible continuation to the restrictions after Easter.

The following restrictions come into force on 19 March at 3pm and are in force until 5 April:

  • Contact teaching and the independent use of the facilities are suspended. The Faculty of Medicine can decide on organising such necessary contact teaching that is significant for achieving professional competence.
  • Exam rooms are closed.
  • Students’ access rights to the campus buildings are deactivated. In the necessary medical contact teaching, the access rights remain active. Student organisations can arrange necessary visits to their facilities with the Facility Services.

The on-going teaching continues remotely. Research and other activities continue on campus in those work tasks which are necessary to conduct on site. For these activities, the red light stage of the University’s traffic light model for the coronavirus situation is in force.

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Created 19.03.2021 | Updated 31.03.2021