Digital Futures Seminar 10 October: How digitalisation is changing science and society?


Digitalisation is transforming our society by creating new possibilities and disrupting existing social structures. Digital Futures, one of the profiling areas of the University of Turku, is organising a multidisciplinary seminar to discuss the impact of digitalisation on research, scientific methods, and societal change on 10 October 2019. The theme of the seminar is “How digitalisation is changing science and society?" and it is open for all interested, welcome! 

​During the seminar, scientist from different fields of research engage in dialogue with representatives of various institutions to elaborate on the opportunities and challenges posed by digitalisation to science and societies. The seminar includes three parts: dialogue between researchers and practitioners in Finnish, poster session in English and workshops in English. 

The seminar takes place at Turku School of Economics from 9.30am to 12pm. See the programme and register by 6 October! 

Created 18.09.2019 | Updated 18.09.2019