Emission data to support logistics decision-making


Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is a timely concern for companies across the globe. Turku School of Economics collaborates with Wiima Logistics Oy to study and develop emission calculation practices now and in the future.

The study builds on the information needs of cargo owners and examines the ways in which emission data is produced in the logistics sector. The project is a significant effort for Wiima Logistics towards offering transparent and reliable emissions data. Heikki Heinonen, CEO of the company, asserts that the project strengthens Wiima Logistics’ CO2 calculations know-how. “We want to provide our customers with reliable emissions data so that they can make informed decisions on reducing emissions.”

According to Tomi Solakivi, Assistant Professor in Operations & Supply Chain Management, EU regulations on logistics emission are expected to tighten during 2023. This is a timely topic especially for companies involved in international business -- how can they respond to customer expectations and tighter emission regulations. Sustainable development in an important research topic at Turku School of Economics. “We want to be involved in creating more sustainable futures and creating knowledge that supports sustainability in companies” says Research Director Taina Eriksson from Disruption Laboratory.

The project started in January 2023 and continues until spring 2024. The work produces knowledge on the state-of-the-art of logistics emission calculation practices and future development paths. Wiima Logistics Oy has received NextGenerationEU funding for the project from Business Finland.

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Taina Eriksson, Research Director, Disruption Laboratory, taina.eriksson@utu.fi
Heikki Heinonen, CEO, Wiima Logistics Oy, heikki.heinonen@wiima.fi

Created 24.01.2023 | Updated 24.01.2023