Finland in Exceptional Circumstances due to Coronavirus Situation – University of Turku Adjusts Its Operations


On 16 March 2020, the Finnish Government has stated in collaboration with the President of Finland that Finland is in exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus situation. The Government decided on further actions to manage the coronavirus situation and they will be in effect until 13 April 2020.  

The University of Turku actively follows the coronavirus situation and the authorities’ instructions, and the University prepares to adjust its operations as well as possible.

On Tuesday, 17 March, the University will publish closer instructions on adjusting its operations and how the Government’s decisions listed below are put into operation. 

The Government’s recommendations for universities coming into effect on Wednesday, 18 March: 

  • The Universities Act gives the universities extensive rights to realise teaching and education in many different ways.
  • The University’s facilities will be closed and contact teaching will be cancelled. The same applies to schools, educational institutions, and universities of applied sciences as well as adult education centres and other comparable institutions. 
  • Instead of contact teaching, teaching and guidance will be organised as extensively as possible with optional methods, such as distance learning, using different digital learning environments and solutions, and, if necessary, independent study.
  • The exceptional circumstances do not change the obligation to work or the employer’s right to supervise work.
  • The University ensures the operation of necessary support services and network connections. 
  • The Government considers it important that the universities carry out the student selection of spring 2020 according to the schedule confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and ensure that there are sufficient resources for the selection process. Whether the realisation of student selection is jeopardized within the current schedule, the confirmed decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture on the current schedule can be changed with joint preparation.


This news article is not up-to-date, check the current instructions at: > Information on Coronavirus

Created 16.03.2020 | Updated 19.03.2020