Free Open Access Publishing in Taylor & Francis Journals Is Here Again


The agreement between Taylor & Francis and FinELib consortium for the agreement period 2023-24 is complete. The agreement includes both reading rights and open access publishing free of extra charge for the staff and students of University of Turku.

The right to read is for the new and updated 2023 SSH and S&T collections, which mainly contain journals from social sciences, humanities and science. Open access publishing is available in almost all the hybrid journals of the reading list and in the fully open journal Annals of Medicine. Both the reading and the publishing title lists contain nearly 2 000 journals. If, during the agreement period, the journals included in the agreement flip to fully open, the right to publish open access will continue throughout the agreement period.  

A limited number of open articles is available each year, but in estimation, this number will be sufficient to open 100 % of the articles of the researchers from FinELib consortium subscriber organizations. If part of the articles is unused in 2023, no more than 5% may be transferred to 2024. If the negotiation situation allows and part of the publishing right is still unused in 2024, the residual right of publishing may be transferred up to 5 % to the next agreement period. Alternatively, if necessary, it can be used to open the articles in the journals of the Medical Collection. 

The previous agreement of roughly 2,5 years with Taylor & Francis ended at the end of 2022. Due to the agreement, more than 150 articles were published open access without an additional charge by authors affiliated to University of Turku. This corresponds to approximately EUR 450 000 in the form of article processing charges. In addition, 15 articles were opened (more than EUR 30 000 in author processing charges) with library funds.

Publishing instructions for authors on FinELib’s pages. 

Open access publishing benefits at University of Turku. 


Created 07.03.2023 | Updated 10.03.2023