Get head start to your research activities from effective patent search –Teqmine Patent Similarity Webinar 9.5.


The University of Turku pilots Teqmine Patent Similarity, a Finnish patent search database during the year 2019. The database covers millions of newest patents from around the world. All UTU credential holders have a free access to create a personal user account to the service via one-time Haka identification. A free user webinar is available for all interested UTU credentials holders on Thursday, 9 May, 2019, at 14.00–15.00 Finnish time.


Teqmine Patent Similarity New User Webinar: Patent Information and Search for University Researchers.

This webinar is intended for university researchers, and we will discuss especially the use of Teqmine in preparation of research funding applications, identifying research collaboration partners from academia & industry, and research commercialization & startup pitching themes.

The webinar is hosted by Teqmine’s Hannes Toivanen, who will walk you through how to search patents, as well as evaluate patents and technological ideas or create a patent monitoring service. He will also show how you can create effective visualizations and other information with Teqmine to communicate effectively your analysis and conclusions.

This webinar is perfect for new users of Patent Similarity, and will provide you with full view of all of its features and some advanced features.

Date of webinar: Thursday, 9 May 2019 at 14.00–15.00

Programme and contents:

  • Basic patent search with Teqmine AI
  • Filter results – Basic and advanced filtering techniques
  • Create graphics and download graphics
  • Create MyList and how to work with them.
  •  How to do different patent searches:
            1. Full patent search
            2. Create patent monitoring
            3. Ideation: How to start from vague idea and to analyze what has already been invented
  • How to use Teqmine AI for research funding application preparation
  • How to use Teqmine AI for research commercialization
  • How to use Teqmine AI for startup investor pitching
  • How to use Teqmine AI to look for attractive job / employer

The webinar is free of charge.

Registration: Register by Tuesday 7th May 2019 at:

Registered participants will receive Webinar participation instructions by email.


More information:
Information Specialist Anna Salmi, Turku University Library, 050 353 4930, anmesa [at]


Created 26.04.2019 | Updated 27.05.2019