IB scholars: Aims to mitigate money laundering would benefit from International Business research


Critical Perspectives on International Business has published a systematic review article on international money laundering by Emilia Isolauri and Irfan Ameer. Money laundering continues to emerge as a transnational phenomenon that has harmful consequences for the global economy and society. Despite the theoretical and practical magnitude of money laundering, international business (IB) research on the topic is scarce and scattered across multiple disciplines. Through a systematic review, authors identify five key streams (5Cs) of research on money laundering in the IB context: the concept, characteristics, causes, consequences and controls of money laundering. Additionally, authors present a future agenda for research and practice by introducing 21 future research questions and two plausible theories to help study the phenomenon more effectively in the future. Link to full article on the journal website: https://doi.org/10.1108/cpoib-10-2021-0088

Created 17.10.2022 | Updated 17.10.2022