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University’s International Student Ambassadors Share Their Student Life in Turku on Social Media


13 Master’s degree students have been selected as the international student ambassadors of the University of Turku: Claudia from Mexico, Ameya and Meghadipa from India, Frida from Finland, Milla and Antonia from the United States, Kristaps from Latvia, Jonathon from the United Kingdom, Armin from Iran, Mac and Huy from Vietnam, Claire from China, and Dado from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The new student ambassadors of the University of Turku share their experiences on social media – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, among others.

The posts and videos handle, for example, university studies in Finland, Master’s degree studies at the University of Turku, and Turku as a student city. In addition, the international student ambassadors participate in welcoming international guests to the University of Turku.

– The aim of the ambassador programme is to share information with people interested in university studies especially from the point of view of an international student and give new international students tips on how to settle in Turku. At the same time, the student ambassadors extend their important network for their life and career after graduation, says Head of Admission Services Mari Kähkönen.

One of the new ambassadors is Jonathon Murphy from the United Kingdom.

– I have been studying in Turku for a little more than a year now and I will be sharing my experiences about studying at the University of Turku and also about how it is like to live in Finland.   I have been really impressed with my Master’s programme at UTU so far.  I can take a wide range of courses as part of my degree, and the regular seminars mean that I have plenty of time to discuss the topics with my tutors and classmates, says Murphy who studies in the Futures Studies Master's Degree Programme.

– Student life in Finland is similar to the UK - just a bit colder! It’s still all about making friends, exploring new ideas and getting involved in the campus community, Murphy adds.

The international student ambassadors post on their own Instagram accounts with the hashtag #utuambassador and make videos to the University’s YouTube account.


Turun yliopiston uudet kansainväliset opiskelijalähettiläät. Kuvat: Hanna Oksanen
The new international student ambassadors of the University of Turku. Photos: Hanna Oksanen


Created 10.01.2019 | Updated 10.01.2019