Masks No Longer Required in the University Facilities


The instruction on using masks has been lifted on all University campuses.

As the recommendation of the regional authorities has changed, so has the mask instruction of the University of Turku. It is no longer required to wear a mask in the University facilities. 

Everyone can still continue to wear a mask according to their own discretion, for example, in indoor spaces where it is difficult to avoid close contacts. Especially those who are not vaccinated and those who have a risk of contracting a severe COVID-19 disease despite vaccinations should consider using a face mask that protects them efficiently (FFP2/3).

Using personal protective equipment can still be necessary in some work tasks and teaching situations, on the basis of a separate risk assessment. In these cases, the University provides masks to the employees and students.

The instructions on observing hygiene and avoiding close contacts remain in force for the time being. Using the facilities has to be arranged so that social distancing can be maintained whenever possible.
If you have symptoms of a cold, influenza, or another infectious disease, do not come to campus.

The Green light stage of the traffic light model for the coronavirus situation is in force on all the University campuses.  The traffic light model for the coronavirus situation defines the level of safety measures at the University.

> University’s instructions on the coronavirus situation
> Hygiene and safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic (on the intranet, requires logging in)

Please send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to

Please send notifications on coronavirus cases or suspected cases to the University’s Occupational Safety and Health Manager.

Created 25.04.2022 | Updated 25.04.2022