Minister Adlercreutz visited the Pan-European Institute


Anders Adlercreutz, Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering,  visited the Pan-European Institute at the Turku School of Economics on Wednesday 30 August 2023.

During the visit, Adlercreutz was given a presentation about the unit and our research focuses. There was also discussion about the teaching from trade policy education to the new study programme of Europe specialisation studies at the University of Turku. Kirsi Ahlman, Deputy Director, was also present at the meeting talking about the work done by the Centrum Balticum Foundation. 

Further discussion included topics such as Finland’s NATO membership, the future of the Arctic and Finland’s need for experts in the European Union. Adlercreutz emphasised the importance of the last topic. “Finland needs more experts that understand Europe, the only way to reach this goal is through education,” Adlercreutz reminded. Pan-European Institute has recognised this need which can be seen in the course selection taught by the institute. 

Pan-European Institute wants to thank Minister Adlercreutz for his visit and wishes good luck with the new position.

Created 06.09.2023 | Updated 06.09.2023