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Innovation and regulation play a crucial role in the future of competitiveness in Finland


The Pan-European Institute and the Confederation of Finnish Industries jointly organised a webinar on competitiveness and future challenges for the economy. The webinar summed up the main findings of the TULEVA project, and the topic was explored further during a panel discussion. Two main themes emerged during the panel discussion: the importance of innovation and regulatory frameworks. 

PEI’s researchers organise a panel discussion on transatlantic trade relations


Researchers Eini Haaja and Anna Karhu moderated a panel discussion on transatlantic relations between the EU and the US at the Europe Forum. The panel was a collaboration between the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi. The speakers were selected from various backgrounds to provide a comprehensive picture of the topic of Transatlantic Trade Relations in Turmoil – A Challenge or an opportunity for Nordic Export Companies?

Professor Kari Liuhto takes part in a panel discussion about Finland’s foreign and security policies


Professor Kari Liuhto, Director of the Pan-European Institute, participated in a panel organised by the Paasikivi Society of Turku at the Europe Forum. The panel was titled: Finland’s Foreign and Security Policy in a World of Division – the New Cold War. Two other speakers at the panel were MP Pekka Haavisto and Governor Olli Rehn, taking a leave of absence from the Bank of Finland. Professor Emeritus Paavo Okko acted as moderator of the panel.