M.Sc. (International Business) Milja Sorvari talks about her SUE-supported thesis work in the IB blog


“Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in national economies. However, due to more limited resources, SMEs often face greater challenges in the international markets compared to larger organizations. In my master’s thesis, I looked at how export assistance can help SMEs overcome barriers in exporting. I approached this topic through examining what export barriers export assistance programs can mitigate, how SMEs experience the effect of export assistance programs, and what export-related resources and capabilities the export assistance programs can especially enhance.  

Perhaps the most interesting finding of my research is that the peer group network of the project group was considered to be one of the greatest – though not necessarily intended – benefits of participating in the project. Thus, while receiving or offering export assistance through a group project approach may lead to some compromises, the benefits of an internal network which can act as a source of valuable social capital should also be considered.”

The thesis work was supported by Suomen Ulkomaankaupan Edistämisrahasto. Read the blog text: Contact-facilitating group export assistance in supporting SMEs to overcome export barriers in the international markets

Created 17.10.2022 | Updated 03.01.2023