New databases in social sciences and psychology


The library has acquired ProQuest databases Social Work Online and Psychological Experiments Online.

Social Work Online -database combines both video, book and journal material. The database consists of 140 videos and 50 000 pages of texts. The books and journals are in pdf format. The video material consists of documentaries, lectures, presentations, interviews and patient counseling sessions to illustrate the realities social work students will face in their daily work. The areas covered are children and families, older adults, crisis & trauma, immigration, diversity, school and social work, substance abuse, mental health and health care.

Psychological Experiments Online is a multimedia database, which allows access to over 30 of the most important psychological experiments of the 20th and 21th centuries, such as the Stanford prison experiment, the Pavlov’s dogs experiment and the Milgram experiment on obedience. The database consists of 91 video recordings both of the original experiments and newer of modern-day replications. There are 45 000 pages of exclusive and hard-to-find primary source documents, such as notes from experiment participants, letters of psychologists, photos and journal articles.

See the ProQuest Primary Sources guide for more information:

Created 21.01.2020 | Updated 21.01.2020