New Requirements of Open Access Publishing to Projects Funded from Academy Calls Opened After 1 January 2021


The Academy of Finland requires that Academy-funded projects commit to ensuring open access to their research outputs. Projects must therefore commit to ensuring immediate open access to their peer-reviewed articles. If the research data cannot be made openly available, the metadata must be stored in a Finnish or international data finder. These requirements apply to projects funded through Academy calls opened after 1 January 2021. In addition, fees for open access publishing are no longer budgeted separately and should therefore be taken into account when calculating the overheads.

Open publishing is not always subject to a fee

Open publishing may be free of charge for the researchers. Therefore it is highly recommended to check the current open access agreements before any charges are accepted. The list is available at If the information of the publisher is missing or there are some issues, contact at In addition, the self-archiving of the peer-reviewed manuscript is always a free option and supported by the Academy of Finland.

In the future, the open access of peer-reviewed articles can be done in three ways

  1. By publishing the article in a scientific journal based on immediate open access.
  2. By making the peer-reviewed manuscript openly available in an institutional repository. An accepted and peer-reviewed manuscript can be submit to the library using an online form or via e-mail The Library checks the self-archiving permission from the publisher and sets the eventual embargo to the manuscript. The Academy of Finland accepts an embargo up to 12 months for social sciences and the humanities and up to 6 months for other scientific disciplines.
  3. By publishing article in a scientific journal supported by a transformative agreement. These agreements include open access benefits that enable the corresponding authors to publish their articles openly, either free of article processing charges or with a discounted price. The list of agreements is available at

Peer-reviewed articles produced in Academy-funded projects opened after 1 January 2021 may not be published using the so-called hybrid model, where individual articles published in subscription-based journals are made open access on payment.

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Created 26.04.2021 | Updated 13.08.2021