New Volter - What to Do?


Turku University Library is migrating to a new library system during the end of the year 2019. At the same time, a new user interface for the Volter database will also be introduced. The new user interface will make it easier to search for and use electronic material. You will find articles easier and personalize your searches, you will have more options to manage your references and with more ease.

The change of system will cause some deviations in the Library’s services. Furthermore, some functionalities of the old system will not be moved as such to the new system.

Libraries are closed – electronic resources will work as usual

All library units will be closed from the 20th of December to the 6th of January. However, all electronic resources will work as usual when the Libraries are closed.
All printed materials, including course books, will have extended loan periods. 

Long loan periods

  • books with four weeks loan time 8.11.2019-15.1.2020
  • course books 22.11.2019-15.1.2020

You cannot renew loans, make reservations or update your own information in the Volter database during the 19th of December 2019 to the 6th of January 2020. The last day for making stock order is 12.12.2019.

Library acquisition activities will be halted at the end of the year

Due to the database migration, library acquisition activities will be halted at the end of the year. The halt applies to all kinds of materials – electronic as well as printed, including both departmental/unit acquisitions and course book acquisitions. So make sure to send in your acquisition requests to the Library by the 15th November 2019 in order for them to be processed before the database migration.

The Library will keep all acquisition requests received during the halt in acquisitions and process them in early 2020. Please note, however, that although the halt in acquisitions ends right in the beginning of the new year, there may still be delays in processing them even after that. 

Save Your Information from the Current Volter

Volter accounts will cease on 13.12.2019.

If you have saved favourites or searches in the current Volter, they will not be moved to the new system automatically. So do make sure to store any such information before the end of the year. There are instructions for saving this information on the Library’s website  If you need further guidance, please contact

Some of the Volter links will stop working

Some of the links to the Volter database will cease to function when the new system is in use. You can recognize these links with the utu.finna -beginning, e.g. 

You can change the e-links already if you just replace the utu.finna -link with the other link you can find in Volter either under the e-book (or other e-resource) title or under the heading "Available Online:". 

Other links in Volter, such as UTUPub links or open access resources, will continue to work as usual.

Spring training - ask for a update in 15 mins

You can ask us for an update for your students, discipline, department or faculty and in 15 minutes we will tell you what is new in the Volter database.

We offer a minimum 15 minutes update about the new Volter features as you wish and we can tailor it to suit your needs. Please, do contact us and arrange an update:!

For more information, please contact:
Heli Kokkinen, project manager
+358 29 450 2354

Created 15.11.2019 | Updated 21.11.2019