Professor Juha Peltonen Selected as Chair of University Collegiate Council


The University Collegiate Council selected for the term 1 January 2022–31 December 2025 met for the first time on 14 January 2022. In the organising meeting, the members of the Collegiate Council unanimously selected Professor Juha Peltonen as the chair.

Head of Department Minna Vuorio-Lehti was selected as the first deputy chair and student Paula Pättikangas as the second deputy chair.

The University Collegiate Council represents all three groups at the University with 30 members who all have their own personal deputy. Of the members, 10 represent professors, 10 represent other teaching and research staff as well as other personnel, and 10 represent students. The University Collegiate Council’s term of office is four years, except for the student members, whose term of office is two years.

The newly-elected chair, Professor Juha Peltonen says that he greatly values the unanimous support he received from all the three groups in the Council.

— I will perform the duties of the chair to the best of my ability in order to carry out the tasks set for the University Collegiate Council. The Council represents the University community and will continue to act as an independent part of the University’s top management, says Professor Peltonen.

The purpose of the University Collegiate Council is to decide on the number of board members in the University Board, the length of the term, and the salary of the members. The University Collegiate Council selects the members not representing the University’s personnel or students in the University Board. In addition, it approves the University’s financial statement and annual report, as well as decides on granting an exemption from liability to the Rector and the members of the University Board. The University Collegiate Council holds a meeting when necessary to discuss significant matters that affect the whole University.

Created 17.01.2022 | Updated 17.01.2022