Promote Open Science – Opening Your Publications From Behind the Paywall Is Easy


Researchers at the University of Turku are increasingly publishing in open access publication channels or opting for open publishing in subscription-based journals. The visibility and discoverability of one's publication can also be enhanced with no extra cost at all. This can be done by self-archiving an approved and peer-reviewed manuscript in, for example, the organization's publication archive or research portal.

In the Ministry of Education’s new funding model, to be implemented in 2021, refereed publications published open access or self-archived according to the green open access route get an incentive coefficient of 1,2. Therefore, self-archiving is not only easy but also more important than ever.

open availability

How to open publications?  

The only thing researchers have to do is to send an accepted and peer-reviewed manuscript to the library using an online form or via e-mail

By manuscript is meant the final draft that is still without the publisher’s layout. One way to acquire the accepted manuscript is to request it from the corresponding author during the editing process. Since the changing of the funding model, the Ministry collects information about open access from the year 2017 onwards, which means that manuscripts can also be submitted retroactively.

The Library checks the self-archiving permission from the publisher and sets the eventual embargo to the manuscript. The publication can be reported as self-archived despite the embargo, which means it has an immediate positive impact on the Ministry’s reporting.

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Created 29.10.2019 | Updated 29.10.2019