Registration open for the webinar “Navigating towards eco-efficiency: Best practices and inspiring examples in AI, 3D and process development”



New digital tools and solutions are introducing far-reaching opportunities as well as certain challenges to the global economy and industries around the world. While some industries have been more agile in adopting new digital technologies, the opportunities provided by digitalisation have remained relatively under-exploited in the maritime sector. The reasons behind this vary from issues such as a lack of knowledge and connections to underlaying challenges related to integrating digital solutions to existing processes.  

To better understand the benefits digital tools and solutions can provide and what kind of developments are needed to leverage their full potential, EXOPRODIGI project partners are happy to invite all interested stakeholders to a webinar “Navigating towards eco-efficiency – Best practices and inspiring examples in AI, 3D and process development” which takes place on

Thursday, the 10th of June 2021 at 12.00-14.30 (or 11.00-13.30 CEST)

The coming event focuses on topical issues such as utilisation of 3D and AI solutions in maritime and other industries, process optimisation with the help of digital technologies, and collaboration between digital solution providers and industry end-users. Keynote speakers include Stefan Lampa (President – Kalmar Mobile Solutions) and Anssi Lappalainen (Senior Project Manager – Awake.AI).

EXOPRODIGI project is coordinated by the Pan-European Institute at the University of Turku. The project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

Created 07.05.2021 | Updated 10.05.2021