Researcher: Please Check and Report Your Publication Information from the Year 2022 by 31st January, 2023


The Library imports publications by the University of Turku researchers to Current Research Information System UTUCRIS around the year from several international and national databases. About 50 % of all publications in the University are harvested in the database imports. At the moment, 4,022 publications from 2022 are validated, which equals approximately 67 % of the annual accumulation.

Instructions on how to check and report the ​missing publicati​​​ons​

You can check the current status of your publication information in the UTUCRIS research portal:

  • Open the UTUCRIS home page
  • Type your name in the search box
  • Choose your name from the search results
  • Your profile page opens and your publications are listed from newest to oldest
  • If you wish to see drafts and publications waiting for validation by the Library, log in into the system. If needed, choose Publications from the left.

Check whether all your publications from 2022 are in the system, and whether the information is correct.

If publications are missing, please submit their information by e-form or enter the information yourself in UTUCRIS (instructions in Library guide). You can report publications from 2022 and 2021.

You can also submit only the manuscript for self-archiving using the e-form if the publication information is already in UTUCRIS. In this case, you can write e.g. "XX" in the rest of the form fields.

If your publication information is already in UTUCRIS but there are errors in the data or some information is lacking, please report these to the Library at

If your publications are already indexed in the source databases the Library uses (Web of Science, Scopus, Pubmed, Medic, Arto) but are not yet in UTUCRIS, the data will be completed during January and February. You do not need to report these publications.

Validation times are longer than normal in January-February. We hope researchers will inform the Library if their 2021–2022 publications need to be validated immediately.

For more information please contact​


Created 08.12.2022 | Updated 08.12.2022