University of Turku participated in Children’s Day at Work


The University of Turku participated in Children’s Day at Work on Friday, 24 November. The University organised programme for the children and they could also follow the adult’s work day freely.

Approximately a hundred children participated in the University’s joint programme organised on the University Hill. The programme included a science lecture on black holes, picture orienteering, guided tour, mathematics workshop, and chemistry workshop. In addition, several departments organised programme for the visiting children.

Six-years-old Taimi was especially impressed by the University’s Zoological Museum where the children had a chance to see tropical insects.

“I remembered that there are fountains and a swimming pool on the University's courtyard, but you can’t swim in them. I also remembered that the Rector's house is white. But I didn’t know that there is a big Zoological Museum right next door. I want to visit it again!”

Also, four-years-old Hille had a great time at the University.

“It’s been nice to visit mom’s workplace. There was a funny picture at the science lecture where a teenager fell into a black hole. I liked the picture orienteering as we got to look for different places and got a prize.”

In addition to parents, the University also encouraged grandparents, god parents, primary carers and otherwise close and trusted adults to bring a child to the workplace.

“At the University of Turku, we invest in a family-friendly professional life and participating in the Children’s Day at Work is a great way to highlight its significance. Last year's event was a positive experience and we decided to participate this year as well. It is great that we had so many participants and a nice atmosphere,” says Human Resources Director Sanna-Mari Tammilaakso

Created 27.11.2023 | Updated 27.11.2023