University students and staff found Teutori library and materials


University students and staff have found their way well to Teutori since the Quantum library moved there from the university hill. Various working spaces are in heavy use and the literature of hard sciences is comfortably under one roof.

Last spring, the Quantum Library moved away from the university hill, which doubted many, but already early autumn has shown the suspicions to be in vain. The course books, journals and research literature of all three faculties - mathematical-scientific, technical and medical - can be found well in Teutori. There is also more work space than before.

Great facilities - enough sockets

Many university members have come to visit the Teutori library for the first time after the summer and have liked what they see: "This is really nice this Teutori library, I was the first time after the renovation. Lots of nice reading places and lots of sockets."

New students tried library escape game

For the new students, the library premises and the use of the material were presented at the beginning of the autumn with the help of an escape game prepared by the librarians. In it, students had to use an element table and their own grey brain cells in order to find the reserved book, group work spaces, and other library services. The game received praise from students: "breathingly different", "Was nice!", "It was a nice brain nut!".

Synergies of hard sciences - also in puzzle making

In the future, the so called hard sciences text books and research literature of the University of Turku can be found under one roof: the basement floor includes course books, medical literature, printed journals of hard disciplines and some of the theses. The next floor contains other disciplines from chemistry to mathematics, from biology to geology. Oh, and there's always a new puzzle to put together!

Welcome to the Teutori Library!

Opiskelijoita Teutorin kirjastossa

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Created 06.10.2023 | Updated 06.10.2023