Webinar: Sustainable Futures - RECORDING


Webinar: Sustainable Futures
Sustainable new ways of life, business models, and social renewal for the future

How can we turn the goals of sustainable development into action? Becoming sustainable is one of the grand challenges globally. Today, many organizations, including firms, universities, and political entities, are committed to advancing the sustainability transformation. However, participants in this transformation have different expectations and ideas about how sustainability shall be made possible and what it will mean to us individually and as a society.


  • Jan Hermes: Opening words (0:00:00 - 0:05:00)
  • Jyrki Katainen: Keynote Sustainability - Source of growth (0:05:00 - 0:40:44)
  • Juha Kaskinen: Obstacles and slowdowns in the implementation of the circular economy (0:40:45 - 1:07:30)
  • Pekka Hänninen: Business model transformation in health care: Research and education developing change (1:07:31 - 1:37:35)
  • Riku Santala: Universities cocreating responsible futures (1:38:30 - 2:08:00)
  • Katriina Siivonen: Cultural sustainability transformation (2:08:01 - 2:33:50)
  • Maija-Riitta Ollila: Global ethics for the future (2:33:51 - 3:07:02)


Created 01.02.2022 | Updated 02.02.2022